Monday, February 19, 2007

word to my otha (blogs and such)
I chose this blog because it primarily focuses with race over gender especially dealing with the argument between "Pumkin" and "New York"
"Brooke AKA Pumkin is
the last of the Mahicans as far as the pigmentally challenged of the show go"
"You just don’t spit on a black woman and think you’re going to make it around the corner." refer here if you've never seen the fight.
The episode showed the animalistic hatred the contestants showed for each other while fighting over Flav, the prize.
This article calls out Flavor Flav for eliminating a contestant because she was a stripper while forcing the girls to prance around in front of his friends in order to prove their "wildness". The author draws the parallel to a rap music video where women are paraded around scantily clad while the men are the center of their attention completely dressed.
This article speaks of the disillusion of the women of color on Flavor of Love, notably the parallels of slaves on the auction block and these women parading around their bodies in front of Flavor Flav and his friends hoping that their sex will keep them in the contest for as long as possible. These women are sex symbols, but are mistaking their sexuality for empowerment, while they are simply letting Flav pull the strings.
Defining Flavor of Love as the "guilty pleasure"
This woman thinks that the women on the show are deserving of the way they are portrayed since they signed up for the show. To get her pity for their exploitation, she says, they'll have to show her the X-rays of the brain tumors.
The blog of Nibblz, the bi-sexual contestant of Flavor of Love 2
I put this up here just because I noticed something when reading through it. The further back you go in her blog entries, the more intelligent she sounds. Nibblz (Dominique Majors) who was eliminated because Flav didn't think she would make a "good role model" for his children. Although Nibblz isn't the poster girl for the GBLT community, at least she was open and honest about her sexuality, and she was only penilized for her bi-sexuality, as no one would call a single other contestant a prude.